Taxation and Tax Planning

Do you understand your current tax liability?

Discover why it is the lack of forward planning that poses the biggest risk to businesses where taxation is concerned.

Don’t miss out on potential reductions

The lack of forward planning means that many businesses fail to understand their tax position. This can lead to nasty shocks and cause a cashflow problem if a company suddenly has to find money it does not have. Moreover, the lack of planning can mean a business missing out on potential reductions that could have been achieved.

Reducing risk through effective planning

At Lancaster Clements we use our extensive knowledge and experience, of working with Business Owners, to ensure we plan properly for any tax liabilities. By understanding their tax position we make certain that our clients:

  • make provisions so they have the funds to pay any taxes that are due
  • don’t miss out on any deductions that can be achieved.

Avoiding unnecessary shocks or surprises

We work closely with the Inland Revenue to ensure that all our clients’ returns are completed on time and accurately, in order to avoid any fines or unpleasant surprises.

If you want to reduce the risk to your business of any future tax liability, planning is the key. Don’t leave yourself open to the prospect of any nasty shocks. Call Lancaster Clements now on 01902 404645 or email [email protected]